Why Do You Make Homemade Baby Food?

Reasons why I have decided to create my own baby food rather than feed my daughter, Mika, store-bought food:

1. Bottled baby food is bottled, therefore, not fresh.

2. Store-bought baby food has additives that I don’t think are necessary for my child.

3. Why should I limit my child to only the few selections the store carries.

4. I want my daughter to be exposed to spices.

5. I am home with her so why not use some of my time to make food for her.

6. I put myself in my daughters shoes; would I want to eat processed food everyday?

7. It’s simple.

8. Transitioning into adult food will be easier because she will be used to the flavors that I eat.

9. It’s fun.

* Notice that I did not put “It’s less expensive” on my list.  Some items are cheap to make, however, that is not one of my reasons for making baby food.