City Cakes & Cafe

Website: http://www.citycakescafe.com/

Twitter: @citycakescafe

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Today I meandered down to City Cakes & Cafe located on the corner of 900 south and 300 east in Salt Lake City.  I thought maybe it might be a great idea to do reviews on local places so this is my first.

Upon arrival I was a bit disappointed because there was no wheelchair ramp.  These days I always have a stroller so when I didn’t see a ramp I was a bit annoyed (isn’t it a law?).  I might have to invest in a stroller lock for these such encounters. The overall appearance is very nice and modern.  I love the cozy feel it has.

City Cakes & Cafe is a vegan friendly bakery and coffeehouse although I do believe they have traditional pastries as well. I ordered the chocolate dipped banana cupcake (for myself), tiramisu (for Liji), and a fresh grape-pear juice. The service wasn’t great and it wasn’t bad, it was just mediocre.

The juice: 5/5

The juice was amazing! It is hard to find fresh juice anywhere so I was very happy when I saw that they have fresh juice each day. Liji also loved the juice.  I plan on going back to have the fresh juice more often.  I wish that City Cakes & Cafe would use their twitter account to tweet the fresh juice of the day.

The cupcake: 3/5

The cupcake was really sweet. It was almost too sweet for my liking. I actually cut it in half and ate the second half the next day because it was so rich.  My favorite part of the cupcake was the frosting.  I hate butter-cream frosting, but since this is a vegan bakery the frosting was not butter-cream.  I am not sure what it was made of, but it was so delicious.  It was a vanilla frosting with a little chocolate ganache on top.

The tiramisu: 2/5 (from Liji)

Liji did not like the tiramisu much.  He said the coffee on it tasted burnt and he prefers tiramisu with lady fingers rather than cake.  I am not a tiramisu person, but I did have a couple bites and I really liked it.  I actually think the soaked cake tasted better than lady fingers.

Overall, City Cakes & Cafe was a great.  They also have a menu with savory items as well. I will go back and try some other items (I’m thinking the vegan mac & cheese).